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    All transfers according to the course of the tour
    All national park and camping fees
    Fees for porters, cooks and mountain guides professional,
    English speaking mountain guide Cook and support team
    Cooking and tent equipment,
    water filter Mountain rescue (overland)Bandage set

    Day 1

    Arrival Day Entebbe
    We will pick you up at the airport in Entebbe (EBB) and bring you to the hotel in Entebbe.

  • Day 2

    Kasese - Rwenzori National Park
    1450 m - Sine Hill 2596 m

    From Kasese we drive about 30 minutes to the Rwenzori National Park entrance. There the usual formalities are clarified before the ascent begins. Through the rainforest it goes steadily uphill. The fascinating mountain world of the 'Moon Mountains' offers a real jungle atmosphere with monkey cries from wild chimpanzees and colobus monkeys. The tall trees are covered with lichen and mush- rooms. Only about 200 meters before the end of the day's stage you will pass the Enock waterfall. The sine hats are below the bamboo Zone, which attracts many different bird species.

  • Day 3

    Sine Hats 2596 m -Kiharo Camp 3518m
    From the Sine hats you come for the first time on marshy paths where we shall need to use the rubber boots. It goes through a unique heather forest, past huge moss cushions and knotty branches. Steep ascents and short descents follow, and swampy paths again and again. The view from the ridge and the magnificent flora compensate for the effort. We hike through the Nyamwamba valley.

  • Day 4

    Kiharo Camp 3518m - Bugata Camp 4062m
    After breakfast you start towards Bugata Camp. The seemingly mystical landscape with deep valleys, small streams, waterfalls on the right and left of the path and the first lakes look like a landscape from another world. The vegetation of Rwenzori is the most original here.We pass Lake Africa and Lake Kopello and reach Bugata Camp, which is located on a rock above Lake Kopello.

  • Day 5

    Bugata Camp 4062 m -
    Butawu Camp 3974 mIt goes steeply up to Bamwanjara Ridge. The path is always over muddy serpentine paths and through several swamps. On a clear day you can see the peaks of Mt. Baker and Mt. Stanley. In the evening we reach Butawu Camp, which is located on the edge of a high valley.

  • Day 6

    Mutinda Camp 3688m - Kalalama Camp 3134 m
    Today we start after breakfast to a very easy stage. It goes back through mud, swamp, past giant Senezien and Lbelien, over multi-colored Moss cushions and past heather trees. We cross small rivers and enjoy the view for pictures of the water landscapes again and again. We reach the Kalalama Camp, it gets noticeably warmer in the evening and there are first signs of a return to Civilization.

  • Day 7

    Butawu Camp 3974m - Mutinda Camp 3688m
    The first stage of the long descent to Mutinda Camp planned for today leads along the well- known path past Lake Kopello to Lake Africa.There we leave the well-known path and continue through several swamps, over a deep black trail into an overwhelming landscape of water, sawn grass, moss and lichen. After crossing the river we come to the Mutinda Camp under the Mutinda Rock Shelter