The Dodoth live in Kaabong District in the Karamoja sub-region, located in the northeast of Uganda. Oral history tells that they separated from the Karamojong mid-eighteenth century and moved northward into more mountainous territory.

    The heartland of their country is a bowl surrounded by mountains and hills on all sides. The tallest peak Mount Morungole near the point where Kenya, Sudan and Uganda converge and the scenic East African Rift escarpment of Timu Forest. The land was once rich in wildlife including lions, elephants, buffalo, giraffes and rhino. Today, the remnant of this wildlife is preserved in Kidepo National Park

  • Day 1

    A safari guide will pick you up at your guest house in Entebbe. He will give you a short brifing about the safari before you setoff for a 7 hours drive by road to Karamoja region via Mbale for lunch.

  • Day 2

    8:00AM – You will have breakfast at 7am after which you will drive to Mt Morungole at 8pm arriving at at 11:30am. At 12:30pm, you will have your lunch at Morungole Eco Camp. The hike to Mt Morungole starts at 1:30pm and ends at 6pm. The hike is a 10Km walk uphill to Mt Morungole and downhill back to Morungole Eco Camp for dinner and rest for the night.

  • Day 3

    At 8:00am after your breakfast, you will drive to Timu area where you will have the Dodoth Tribe experience. At 10:00am, you will arrive at Timu and start the culture immersion up to – 12pm. The Dodoth Tribe Cultural Experience will leave yearning for more since you get to participate in their rich heritage practices. You will then have lunch from 1pm – 2pm at Timu Eco Camp. At 2pm, you guide will lead you for a nature walk at Timu that includes a cultural immersion with the Ik people ending at 6pm. You will then head back to Timu camp for the dinner and rest for the night

  • Day 4

    You will have breakfast at 7am after which you will checkout of the lodge and transfer by road back to Entebbe via Mbale City for lunch.