Rafting In Uganda

Rafting In Uganda White water rafting in Uganda is an exciting, heart pounding and unforgettable experience that steers fear to some yet the perfect adventure sport for the adrenaline junky. Paddling through thunderous grade 4-5 Nile rapids is regarded as the safest and most thrilling journey down the world’s longest river, it’s no wonder why most tourists on a Uganda safari always include a trip to Jinja on their itinerary- the experience is worth the money and more.

Rapids are always categorized by numbers where grade 1 is just flat water, 2 and 3 are rough with small waves, 4 has medium waves with some rocks whereas grade 5 has large waves with a possibility of large rocks and lastly is the grade 6 rapids which are very deadly hence un-navigable.Rafting in Uganda – experience Under

Raftings in Uganda – experience Under guidance of well trained and experienced ADRIFT river crew, you will navigate the Nile drifting and paddling as a team through legendary rapids.

Typically your white water rafting tour begins with briefing and training on still water before you begin your journey up the mighty Nile..You have the choice of either going wild on an inflated raft or joining the safe raft that doesn’t flip over when hit by waves. You do half or full

Alter do half or full day. The half day trip involves breaking off on the Malibu island for lunch. Before transferring back to your lodge. Whereas a full day covers the whole 25 km river course. Encountering over 6 section of rapid waves. Including the popular ‘Nile special’ and ‘hair of the dog’ waves.

In between the rapids, there’s always spare time to swim and gaze at the lush vegetation and birds swarming around. Enjoy the tasty fried chicken and beers at the end of the trip all compliments of ADRIFT. 

Rafting in Uganda

Rafting in Uganda not limited to only adults, children. As well as elders aging up to 72 years enjoy the more safe option of a family float. Where you and your loved ones drift through grade 3 rapids. And enjoy bird watching on the river banks. Full day rafting costs $ 125 whereas half day costs $ 115. And for more serious adrenaline junkies, try out extreme rafting. Which costs up to $ 145. OR do a 2 day rafting trip which involves 13 hours of nonstop rafting. And river surfing , it will cost you a hefty $ 250.