Why Choose Us?

Hanze Tours is one of Uganda’s finest tours and travel companies. Specializing in organizing “off the beaten track” Safaris in Uganda and parts of Rwanda. At affordable rates personalized to fit our client’s needs, budget and time frame. As our professional and enthusiastic tour leaders tread extraordinary paths through different tourist destinations and cultures, we invite you to join in on the journey of discovery and exploration through the Pearl of Africa.

Whether you are looking for a mountain gorilla safaris, chimpanzee trekking tour, wildlife safari, family holiday, a mountaineering adventure or a cultural tours in Uganda and Rwanda, Hanze Tours should be your first choice given our comprehensives tour options that suit all types of travellers including backpackers, holidaymakers and business travellers.

From panoramic African landscapes to magnificent blue lakes our select tours will explore Uganda’s nature, diverse cultures, amazing wildlife and range of natural wonders. We believe in offering adventure seekers an exclusive experience while providing a service quality beyond expectations. Most of our Uganda safaris and Rwanda tours are all-inclusive excluding only flights (except for Flying Safaris). Special events, tourist activities are all incorporated in your itinerary and are carefully planned and arranged. Our services include organizing tailor-made tours. Our car hire, hotel and lodge bookings and much more. Come and enjoy your holiday in Africa witnessing all its treasures! For more information about our offers, prices or availability of scheduled trips and last minute deals, contact us using the numbers provided. Or send us an e-mail through info@hanzetours.com

All or your trip plans are coordinated by our booking office located in Kampala, Uganda. Our staff is reputed of a good degree of experience. Living in Africa, working and booking safaris to Africa. Get the best advice based on current conditions. As you plan your dream African Safari!

Uganda is home to many different tribal groups. And a wide variety of different customs. And traditions can be observed depending on where you travel in Uganda. Spontaneous dance and song is a hallmark of African culture and this is not an exception in Uganda. Where tribes and villages will often greet groups of newcomers with rousing song and dance. Greeting others is a very important part of Ugandan culture. And not greeting or acknowledging someone you are passing. Or meeting can be seen as impolite, especially in rural areas and villages. Shaking hands is an appropriate greeting when meeting someone for the first time and often both hands are given for a handshake.

Food or drink is often extended to visitors. Even though many Ugandans have very little. And it is viewed as impolite to decline an offer of food or hospitality. Accept willingly and graciously eat or drink what has been offered to you. Generally, most of Uganda’s population lives in rural or regional centers. Although urban areas are rapidly expanding and modern influences are infiltrating Ugandan society at a fast rate. With this modernization, some of the old ways are dying out as younger Ugandans become more adept at using technology. Although many still live tribal lives based on hunting and agriculture.

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