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Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa bordered by Kenya, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Tanzania.

Certainly, Uganda is the only safari destination whose range of forest primates is as impressive as its selection of plains antelope. Situated at the geographical heart of the continent, Uganda has long been the cultural melting pot, as evidenced by existence of 30-plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts.

Uganda’s cultural diversity is boosted in the northeast by the presence of the Karimojong, traditional pastoralists whose lifestyle and culture is reminiscent to the renowned Maasai, and in the northwest by a patchwork Of agricultural peoples whose Nilotic languages and cultures are rooted in what is now Sudan.

  • Capital: Kampala
  • Area: 241,038 sq km
  • Population: 45.8 million
  • Currency: Shilling/ UGX, USh
  • Languages: English, Swahili

The country’s most ancient inhabitants, confined to the hilly southwest, are the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies, relics of the hunter-gatherer’s cultures that once occupied much of East Africa to leave behind a rich legacy of rock paintings, such as at the Nyero Rock Shelter near Kumi district.

What You Need To Know About Uganda & It's Uniqueness

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